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Learn about Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is an individualized process that builds a leader’s capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals. Coaching is personalized, customized, usually conducted one-on-one for a defined period of time with a specific business purpose in mind. Leadership coaching for executive leaders produces results similar to sports coaching for high-performance athletes. 

Many leaders use their coach as a sounding board, thinking partner, and an unbiased third-party to whom they can express themselves openly, allowing the coachee to maintain a sharp focus on their business.

In turn, a coach provides engaging discussions that draw out a leader’s wisdom through inquiry, curiosity, gentle provocations, and challenges that reveal fresh perspectives, insights, and important self and situational realizations. Armed with a new expanded awareness, leaders can stretch into their best capacities. 

Distinct from other service professions, like consulting and therapy, which are based on the wisdom and expertise of the professional, in coaching the coachee is the expert. Leadership coaching is a partnership designed to engage the coachee in a thought-provoking creative process that inspires to maximize personal and professional potential.

"Be the light that helps others see"

- Anonymous

The Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Coaching not only benefits the individual but also the company as a whole.

Individual-Level Benefits*

•    Improved performance (84%)
•    Increased openness to learning and development (60%)
•    Identifying solutions to specific work issues (58%)
•    Greater ownership (52%)
•    Developing self-awareness (42%)
•    Improved skill/behavior (38%)
•    Greater clarity in roles and objectives (37%)

Company-Level Benefits

•    Fuller use of individuals’ talent/potential (79%)
•    Demonstrates commitment to individual employee development (69%)
•    Higher performance/productivity, including increased business (63%)
•    Intrinsically motivates employees (57%)
•    Facilitates adoption of culture/management style (39%)
•    Improves relationships between people and departments (35%)

*Source: The Industrial Society


Impact on Company Performance

According to the Personnel Management Association, companies that offer even just training alone experience a 22.4% increase in productivity, but when paired with coaching, that figure rises to 88%. A global coaching study reported a median coaching ROI of 700% with almost one-fifth of respondents reporting an ROI of at least 50 times (5000%) of the initial investment. In fact, coaching has been so effective, that 92% of leaders who have been coached say that they plan to use a coach again. 


leadership coaching


Who benefits from Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching can serve to help executives, managers, directors, and other professionals seeking to:


  • Achieve more satisfying outcomes and results

  • Build executive presence/find voice

  • Develop/coach direct reports

  • Develop teamwork/collaboration

  • Improve interpersonal practices with direct reports, supervisors, clients, and peers

  • Leverage innate strengths and capabilities

  • Manage/reduce organizational conflicts

  • Optimize team effectiveness

  • Successfully navigate change

Leadership Coaching Sessions

During these one-on-one calls, clients are assisted in the exploration of their patterns of behavior, thought-processes, and methods of interaction. Then, it’s all about determining how those discoveries align with intended business goals and outcomes. These sessions are beneficial for executives, leaders, and anyone in whom a business wishes to invest.

leadership coaching sessions

You can schedule your personal coaching session with Pam through this site!


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"I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities."

- Bob Nardelli, CEO, Home Depot

about pam
Pam Mullenbach


I have learned that there is a vital need for leadership coaching in lean, fast-moving, metrics-driven organizations – a need, that when met, dramatically benefits both the individual and their organization. 


With over two decades spent working in the corporate world, I empathize with the pressures and complexities of office dynamics and the daily challenges facing executives and leaders. 


During my decade as a National Sales Manager for BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, I had the privilege of managing one of the industry’s best sales teams. Our team reached sales target after sales target, winning favor with clients and the admiration of competitors. While one might cite talent, brand, product, or strategy as keys to success, I believe the unmatched results were a product of fostered and leveraged strengths, honored individuality, enhanced self-awareness, sharp focus, and resilience. 


As a coach, I help professionals – and ultimately companies – to discover and develop the tools necessary to increase their focus, and grow their mental strength, leadership, and performance; empowering them to play “big.”


coaching approach

With more than 25 years spent in the financial services industry, I bring what I have learned in sales, sales management, and relationship management to my coaching practice. Through my time at Georgetown University’s Executive Leadership Coaching program, I learned the significance of the establishment’s motto of cura personalis, to “care for the entire person.

"In coaching leaders, cura personalis begins with a focus on the individual leader and then is amplified and applied, in turn, to those people inside and outside the organization he or she serves." In other words, bettering one individual betters the company as a whole. 

Professional Certified Coach



  • Certificate in Leadership Coaching, Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies

  • “Manager as Coach” Executive Coaching Program, Lodestar Leadership

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)


"While I excelled at sales and strategy, I found myself fighting to be present. I struggled with disorganization and scheduling but didn't know how to combat it. After a series of coaching sessions with Pam, I was able to determine an underlying cause of my overwhelming feelings. With a fear of failure, I found myself saying 'yes' to everything. Through this realization, I was able to assess the negative impact that this behavior was having on my business and how I was perceived by others. Pam's ability to help guide me in the direction of this self-discovery and hold me accountable for my actions allowed for professional growth in many ways. Her personal experience with an understanding of the corporate world made all the difference. I have been able to make peace with sometimes saying 'no.' Prioritizing my schedule has improved my business and enabled me to be fully present for all of the 'yeses.'"

—  Scott B., National Sales Manager, New York, NY 

Client  Testimonials

“I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out skills or talents that were previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable.”

–    John Russell, Managing Director, Harley Davidson

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